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Health Benefits Of Choosing AquaPro

Water comprises almost two-thirds of our bodies, it makes sense to stay hydrated with pure, contaminant-free, great tasting water for optimal health.

Benefits To Your Home Of Choosing AquaPro

In addition to the obvious benefits of cooking and drinking pure water, there are many benefits you may have overlooked within your home.

Benefits To Your Finances Of Choosing AquaPro

Typically, AquaPRO customers see a reduction in appliance and energy costs, simply by having a water treatment system installed.

Why Choose AquaPro

We Are #1 in Customer Satisfaction and Industry Value!


AquaPRO, a division of ATS (Aqua Treatment Services), is a full service dealer network designed to bring superior products to the public through local dealerships.  AquaPRO  offers expert, friendly advice and water testing at no expense* to homeowners, business owners, and manufacturers.

Our network is designed to offer the best water treatment solutions for our customers. We do this in the most cost-effective manner while simultaneously providing complete service capabilities for all products. AquaPRO remains a privately owned, American company which enables us to focus on keeping customer satisfaction our number one goal rather than the desires of stockholders or foreign interests.


We offer a complete line of products for home, business, manufacturing, and specialty products for labs , hospitals, and food processing. Manufactured with high quality components, we have solutions for all water types that will provide a lifetime of pure water.


Founder John Filson started the company over 40 years ago and through innovative ideas and determination he has seen his modest beginning flourish into a multi-faceted manufacturing company. Today, John is still at the helm with a staff of department heads that average over 25 years experience in their respective area of expertise, who in turn lead a team of dedicated employees.


#1 in Customer Satisfaction and Industry Value

It is our goal at AquaPRO to offer superior water treatment products and solutions that deliver and exceed customer expectations; products that are affordable for every application and to never sacrifice product integrity.

Products We Offer

Learn More About How We Can Save You Money And Improve Your Health

Did you know?

When you buy from AquaPRO, you are in fact buying from the factory with factory direct savings. You have the option of buying commercial grade systems that are less expensive than many residential brands. With superior warrantees and the option of stainless steel, AquaPRO is clear choice for water purification systems.

Good for you. Good for your budget.

We offer a price guarantee on all products that will ensure our customers get the best price with regard to components and performance. We offer 'good', 'better' and 'best' --- for less!

Product Videos

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AquaPro and Filson Water Featured On Extreme Home Makeover

Why Clients Are Saying

Keeping Customer Satisfaction 1st!

“We really noticed the difference when we got our new system. Differences from our skin to our tea. After seeing how bad our water was switching was a must and it really has been an amazing change. After taking a shower with our old water throughout the day our skin would become dry, with the new water we feel clean all throughout the day. We are glad to have the peace of mind that this unit has given us. We would recommend that you get one as well.”

 Kelley and Jacob T.    Apison, TN

“Every question was answered and every person went above and beyond to help us. Needless to say I am very impressed not only with the system but with the people that represent your company! Thank you so much!”

 John and Shelley G.    Snellville, GA 

“The dishwasher is more efficient and coffee even tastes better.”

 Ashley and Benjimin T.    Chattanooga, TN

“I had dry skin and improvement has already been noticed.”

 Kenneth K.    Suwanee, GA

“We’ve noticed quite a difference in the taste our water. It is so much better! Our skin and hair are softer too.”

 Tate and Erin W.     Signal Mountain, TN

“The best benefit is for my daughter and husband who have not had dandruff or eczema. No itchy skin, dry patches, or red bumps. Our laundry detergent is only halfway empty, when I would have had to usually purchase 2.”

 Melinda and Roosevelt W.     Chattanooga, TN

“I really like the way it feels on my skin, my body has never been softer.”

 Jakendia A.    Nashville, TN

“My family and I really enjoy the great taste of the water. Before the new system we were resulting to drinking bottle water, and overtime that can get quite pricey. And the bath with the water is something to die for. It was worth every penny.”

 Marcellus B.    Nashville, TN

“Great, great, great system. Would recommend to anybody. Also really great customer service. These guys know their stuff. I am very pleased and satisfied with the choice of buying this system.”

 Quinard W.     Calhoun, GA

“I have really enjoyed my AquaPro Water System. I was a sceptic at first, but it’s been 30 days and I love it. I look forward to my water bill now! We are really glad we chose to get the AquaPro Water System.”

 Stephanie A.    Signal Mountain, TN

“AquaPro is a wonderful product. Great experience.”

 Emmanuel J.     Atlanta, GA

“I am so pleased with the water. It really does taste great. My skin feels better. The bathroom, kitchen, and our clothing get cleaned faster, easier, and better. Even the toilets stay clean WAY longer. I am so glad I got AquaPro. It’s totally worth it.”

 Bret and Amy S.     Ooltewah, TN

“I am very happy with AquaPro. I also love the staff, they were all very nice to my family and I. They worked with me and explained any question I had. I am glad we made the change.”

 Alondra R.     Snellville, GA

“We were not disappointed in any way. The water tastes better, feels better, looks better. We highly recommend this solution for anyone concerned with their health.”

 Jeffrey W.    Cumming, GA

“I have softer skin. My bubble bath is truly a bubble bath. My scalp is not flaking and no dry scalp. I love Dasani’s water but now I love my faucet water. I can wash for my family of 5 anywhere from 5-8 loads a week. The detergent last me a month where sometimes it would last a week. This is a life saver for me; this is just the beginning. My husband loves the system because it saves him money.”

 Delois and Allen L.    Chattanooga, TN

“I feel very blessed to have an AquaPro System in my home. My family’s skin has improved 100%! My 5 year old no longer has itchy, dry patches on her arms and legs and my acne has cleared up on my face and back. I feel like just the benefit my 5 year old has received makes this system worth every penny. Thank you AquaPro for making this product affordable and simple to maintain.”

 James and LeeAn C.    Rome, GA

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